Canadian Geographapic/IDRC: Giving artisans access

How Artisan Hub is helping connect traditional craftspeople in developing countries to new and potentially lucrative foreign markets

In a small straw-roofed hut in Bangladesh’s Narayanganj district, two women sit in front of a bamboo loom. Their hands fly back and forth across sections of fine threads, transforming them into a sheer, vibrantly patterned cotton fabric. They are practicing the ancient art of Jamdani weaving and will work on this piece for up to six months. When it’s finished, it will be sold into a high-end domestic market, perhaps as a wedding sari. Despite the product’s quality, however, the women will struggle to sell it far beyond Bangladesh’s borders. Read more

A woman weaves Jamdani fabric in Bangladesh. The fabric, which UNESCO has recognized as an item that represents the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, is one of many handicrafts on the Artisan Hub website. (Photo: Shutterstock)