Photo Credit: Marni Wilson

Hello, and thank you for the visit! I’m a writer and science communicator based in Jasper, Alberta.

My science writing appears in BBCEarth, Canadian Wildlife Magazine,  Natural History Magazine, Canadian Geographic, Motherboard and Ensia. Recently, I’ve been documenting the work of Canada’s IDRC  in a blog collaboration with Canadian Geographic called Charting Change. I’ve written Animal Facts for National Geographic have also written for BioScience, and the popular science blog Last Word On Nothing (LWON).  My column for the Fitzhugh, The Goods From the Woods, keeps me in touch with both my human and animal neighbours in the wilds of Jasper National Park.

One of my passions is working on projects where science and art intersect. I’ve had the good fortune to work with Jay Ingram and his band on The Giant Walkthrough Brain, and The Rock and Roll History of Outer Space. I’ve also had the pleasure of working as a researcher on Jay’s new book, The Science of Why. I’ve worked as a writer on a documentary series Aging in the Wild with Rotating Planet, and in the development of a citizen science app with the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute.

This year I once again have the excellent job of host and science content specialist for the Jasper Dark Sky Festival, and continue to be faculty at the Beakerhead Science Communications School. I do quite a bit of public speaking on everything from science communications, to natural history, to my curvy career course.  Recently, I was honoured to speak at the Alberta Go Girl Conference which aims to promote young women’s health.

I’m a member of the Canadian Science Writers Association, the National Association for Science Writers, And Society of Environmental Journalists.

I would love to hear from you. Please email me and say hello.


On Assignment for Canadian Geographic in Banff National Park covering the Bison Reintroduction. Photo Credit: Geoff Skinner.