I have been fortunate to assist some great people and organizations in getting their science messages out. Services I can provide include:

  • Developing and/or giving presentations,
  • Science writing and research for a variety of audiences,
  • Exhibit Writing and Research (portfolio here),
  • Event Hosting & Production, and
  • Project management.

I’ve worked with Beakerhead, Parks Canada, Montana State University, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, The Miistakis Institute, The Upper Bow Basin Cumulative Effects Study, Tourism Jasper, Trans Mountain Legacy Fund, and many others.

A selection of recent projects can be found below. I welcome your inquiries. My contact info is on the About page.



Recent Projects

Researcher, The Science of Why  by Jay Ingram (2016)

I was a natural history researcher for Jay on his latest book. It’s a fun read on everything from why onions make you cry, to why lizards do push-ups. the-science-of-why

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (2014-2017)

Working with a highly productive team at ABMI, I’m helping to design, write, edit and implement a citizen science application for iPhone and Android. The project is integrated with a web portal called naturelynx.

Tourism Jasper – Host and Science Content Specialist for the Jasper Dark Sky Festival (2014 – 2017)

I have the pleasure of working with Tourism Jasper as a science adviser, web content creator and stage host for the Dark Sky Festival in Jasper National Park.

Dark Sky Tweet













Rotating Planet (2014-2016) – Pitch/episode writer for documentary film

I work with Rotating Planet on a number of projects, bringing scientific credibility, clarity, and entertainment to scripts and pitches. It’s a pleasure working with Ari Cohen, Chief Producer, who brings his integrity and creativity to every project.

Check out the teaser page here.

Beakerhead Event Producer and Host of Seven Wonderers 2015

Beakerhead is an exciting festival in Calgary that is a mash-up of art, science, and engineering. This year I will be organizing, producing and hosting the Beakerhead event: The Seven Wonderers. Can’t wait! Here’s the description:

What happens when the phrase, “I wonder…” is followed up by research into science and the practice of an art form? Hear from seven of the world’s best science storytellers as they share tales of when they let curiosity led the way. All of the storytellers are affiliated with the renowned Banff Science Communications program.”

It’s happening Saturday, September 19. Location to be announced soon. See you there!

Parks Canada White Bark Pine Theatre and Science Communication Consult (2015)

I reviewed the street theatre script for this project, making some suggestions as to where and how to integrate recent scientific findings into the work. As part of this contract, I also reviewed a mobile exhibit dedicated to public information about whitebark pine, caribou and fire, and made suggestions on ways to better streamline the information, and how to grab the attention of an urban audience.