Experimental Podcast:

Should Jasper Be Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Episode 31 Released Nov 20, 2012

Experimental podcaster Niki Wilson questions what she learned about wolf behaviour in her biology degree 20 years ago – is aggressive wolf behaviour by healthy, free ranging wolves a strange occurrence or is it a natural consequence of human encroachment upon traditional wolf habitats?

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Experimental Podcast: Are Pacific Chorus Frogs Spreading a Deadly Infectious Disease?

Pacific Chorus frogs may be helping to spread a deadly infectious disease responsible for the extinction of over 200 amphibian species world wide.

The disease, known as chytridiomycosis, is caused by a fungus called Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, or Bd. The fungus attacks amphibian’s skin, disrupting the absorption of water and important electrolytes like sodium. The condition eventually results in heart failure.

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Experimental Podcast: There’s More Than One Way to Trap An Ant: How a Pitcher Plant Uses Its Lid to Capture Prey

Hovering over the rim of the pitcher plant Nepenthes gracilis is a lid that protects the pitcher from being flooded by rain. But a recent study has discovered that the lid is much, much more. In this species, the lid acts as another trapping mechanism, allowing insects to be “flicked” off the lid by rain drops and into the digestive fluid in the pitcher below.

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Parks on Fire

In 2011 Parks Canada asked me to write and produce six podcasts on Parks Canada fire science and management. Production is complete, and the Parks on Fire podcasts are live on Itunes! Explore the world of fire with Parks Canada’s fire management team. Hear stories from the fireline, discover fire-loving wildlife, and take an up-close look at our forests to see if they’re as healthy as they appear. Check them out:

English: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/fuel-fire-and-forest-health/id490642071

French: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/combustible-feu-et-sante-la/id490642106


Friends of Jasper National Park MAPS Bird-banding Podcast

Welcome to the Friends of Jasper National Park’s land bird research tent! This podcast walks listeners into the middle of a marsh lined with purple lupines and mist nets,  where biologists monitor how many birds are born, and how many survive the winter and migration to return the following year. Production wrapped up in August, and now the podcast is awaiting it’s launch this spring.

Bird held in banding grip. Photo: Niki Wilson

Friends of Jasper National Park: Friends of a Feather Video

This video celebrates the volunteers that help biologist’s band birds at the Friends of Jasper National Park Bird Banding Station. The station is one of over 500 across North America certified to monitor avian birth rate, and track how many birds survive the winter and migration to return the following year. Biologists use this information to conserve bird populations, and in maintaining healthy ecosystems for birds to live in.

Friends in High Places: Grizz on the Go Podcasts

Soon all the kids will be able to purchase a cute, plush grizzly bear from any Friends organization in the mountain parks, and help promote grizzly bear conservation. Each bear will lead them to a website, where they can download three podcasts that give them cool information about what bears eat, how to tell a grizzly from a black bear, and what Parks Canada is doing to ensure grizzly bears can move safely across highways. Production in both official languages wrapped up this fall. Podcasts will go public with the official launch of the Grizz on the Go campaign!

Grizzly Bears at Bow Summit. Photo: Niki Wilson