The Goods From The Woods

The Goods From The Woods, previously known as On Science, is a monthly article I write for The Fitzhugh, one of two local papers in Jasper, Alberta. If you want to learn more about this great little mountain town, it’s a good place to start. You may also enjoy the Jasper Local, a magazine-style weekly. Also consider checking af regional mountain culture mag I write for, Crowfoot.

In writing for local papers I have the opportunity to work with editors who care deeply about community–who pull me back to earth from my existence in the online ether. It’s a welcome connection to the world outside my home office.  When I go to the post office, people let me know if they like my article, or if it could, ahem, use some work.

Here’s a selection of writing from the Goods from the Woods. I hope you enjoy it. Come see us in the mountains some time.

Slugging It Out

Spiderzilla: she’s big, she’s scary-looking and she’s your friend

There go the Geese

The Art and War of Hummingbird Nookie

The Great Canadian Golden Eagle Migration

Winter Animals Out of Whack

Cheek to Cheek With a Cougar

Chickadee-dee-dee in the Deep Freeze

Getting Away With A Murder

Cone Explosion

The Circle of Death: Why I Leash My Cat

Why Are Magpies So Freakin’ Loud?

An Open Letter To Drunk Waxwings